Hot Pink Velvet Dragonfly Cosmetic Bag

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A super soft silk velvet cosmetic bag with a lovely dragonfly motif hand-embroidered on the front. In a striking hot pink, it features a fun beaded ball on the zip fastening, and has a flat bottom for ease of use.

Made in a fair trade project in Vietnam.

Approximately 24cm wide x 18cm deep.

This spacious hot pink cosmetic bag is made from super soft silk velvet and features an elegant dragonfly motif hand-embroidered with metallic thread.

Key features include:-

Coloured zip fastener with beaded ball detail
Flat bottom
Metallic satin fabric lining

Approximately 24.5cm wide x 18cm deep.

Hand made by skilled artisans through a fair trade project in Vietnam.

Lua visits its suppliers in Vietnam twice a year and sees for itself that a full and fair price is paid for their products. Prices are agreed in discussion with their Vietnamese partners who, in turn, ensure a fair wage and good working conditions for their workers. They are also confident that no young children are involved in the manufacture of their products. Lua have purposefully avoided a ‘designer’ image and price tag for their products and have always tried to balance a sustainable income for the workers with an affordably priced product for the retailer.

Most Lua pieces are hand-made by women working in a small, light workshop on the outskirts of Hanoi or at home so that they can work around family commitments. Many workers come from rural rice farming communities where poverty is widespread. Working with Lua enables them to combine their farming obligations with a valuable additional source of income. The work is flexible enabling them to learn new tailoring skills and continue with their education if required, and also to have time off for family commitments. Training is provided on the job in the workshop for the first two years to develop skills and experience. Higher rates are paid to the women who progress to more skilled work such as pattern cutting and embroidery. The workers are paid sick leave and health insurance is provided for older workers. Bonuses are paid after each season and, in summer, a holiday to the beach is organised for all the workers and their families. The regular work provided enables women from disadvantaged backgrounds to improve their families’ living conditions and to send their children to higher education.


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Lua is an independent, family-run business in Warwickshire working in partnership with young entrepreneurs in Vietnam. Lua products are designed in the UK and then brought to life through the talents and resourcefulness of Vietnamese artisans with an emphasis on beautiful fabrics - silks, hemps, wool blends, plush velvets and funky printed cottons in spots and florals.

The brand is very proud to support the pioneering UK organisation, Rewilding Britain which aims to rewild large swathes of the UK to its natural state, reversing the loss of biodiversity and reconnecting people with nature. 10% of Lua's profits on key ranges each season is donated to Rewilding Britain.

Lua has also supported a Vietnam based charity Save Vietnam Wildlife (SVW), an organisation founded to prevent the extinction of critically endangered wildlife from illegal wildlife trading and loss of habitat. The current situation in Vietnam is declining rapidly. SVW is actively engaged in supporting the confiscation of wildlife from illegal trade, rescuing, rehabilitating and releasing animals into suitable and secured habitats that support conservation of wild populations.

Since 2010, Lua has given a proportion of their income to the work of the Kianh Foundation, a small grass-roots charity based in the UK which addresses the drastic need for improved health and education services for disabled children and adults living in the Quang Nam province of Central Vietnam – an area heavily bombed during the war. Lua sponsored the education and daily care of a boy with Cerebral Palsy who attended the Dien Ban Day Centre for 5 years. They currently sponsor the needs of a teenage boy who has some developmental difficulties having never spoken his whole life before joining the school a few years ago. When he first joined the programme, he had no confidence and was completely unresponsive. After 6 months on the programme, he began quietly speaking for the first time. He is a shy, capable and charming boy with great mental arithmetic skills. Just recently, he has won a school prize for his hard work. As part of his vocational training, he is even running the school coffee shop and mini mart and his confidence is continuing to increase daily.

Spot clean only.
Made from 82% viscose and 18% silk. Lining 51% polyester and 49% nylon.