Dora Little Heart Double Necklace

Fair Trade
The Dora Double Necklace is two silver-plated heart necklaces in one! It features three small hollow heart charms on a long chain, and a single heart charm on a shorter chain. The two necklaces can be attached together at the back by two claw clasps, or simply worn separately if preferred.

Handmade in Turkey by skilled artisans using age old techniques. Lead and nickel free.

Chain length of longest necklace approximately 70cm with 5cm of extra chain for adjusting. Chain length of shorter necklace approximately 60cm.

Wrapped with tissue and presented in card sleeve printed with care instructions.

Every piece from the Treaty collection is handmade by professional jewellery workers at Treaty's own workshop in Turkey. The men do the heavier work such as the smelting and moulding, whilst the women put the jewellery together. It is a safe and happy working environment where they are allowed to bring their children if they need to.

Most of the jewellery is made from a unique combination of zinc, copper and aluminium known as 'Zamac', a silver tone metal. Each individual piece is then covered with a 10-15 microns thick silver-plate; a process which imparts a beautiful matt sheen to the jewellery and gives it the unique finish which is part of the Treaty look.

All pieces are guaranteed lead and nickel free, and are tested regularly for this by the Assay office in Birmingham.

Any waste from the factory is disposed of in a controlled way, and within the guidelines of their Heavy Metal Disposal certification.
Treaty Jewellery is owned and run by mother and son partnership, Maggie and Josh Round, who both share a passion for great design and quality, which can be seen in every hand crafted piece.