Eco Glitter Bottle - Green/Red/Gold (Christmas Blend)

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The ultimate party accessory for the face, body, hair (and even beards!), this environmentally friendly and marine friendly cosmetic glitter is perfect for all ages!

Christmas is a blend of uber, super chunky and standard size particles in gold, red and green. It comes in a 3.5g glass bottle with screw on aluminium lid and is perfect for a shimmery guilt-free sparkly look! Also suitable for arts and crafts - and incidentally - not just suitable for Christmas!

Made in the UK from modified regenerated cellulose which biodegrades in the natural environment over a period of weeks.

Free from PLA, cellulose acetate and cellophane. Vegan friendly.

Bottle measures approximately 4cm high x 1.5cm diameter. 3.5g.

Care instructions:
Store in a dry dark, cool environment, out of direct sunlight, away from direct heat sources and not exposed to micro-organisms.


Ecoglitter Fun is a licensed reseller of Bioglitter® and use Bioglitter® 'Sparkle' to make this glitter. The main ingredient is a unique modified regenerated cellulose film and, over a period of weeks and months when in a natural environment, the biodegradable content of it will be consumed by tiny microbes.

Many eco glitters currently on the market claim to be fully biodegradable, but still have a quite high proportion of plastic in them which will not biodegrade. Bioglitter® 'Sparkle' is 92% plastic-free and independently tested to prove it actually degrades in natural freshwater environments. Even though it quickly breaks down in the right environments, the glitter is very stable and will not biodegrade on the shelf. Biodegradation will only be initiated in compost, soil, waste-water, freshwater or marine environments where micro-organisms are present.


Eco Glitter Fun make, blend and package their glitter in the UK.

This eco glitter does not contain any of the following common food allergens; eggs, peanuts, milk, sesame seeds, fish, soybeans, mustard, lupin, mollusc, crustaceans, sulphur dioxide, celery, cereals or nuts. However, it is recommended that the eco glitter is removed prior to sleeping to avoid any irritation.
The idea for Eco Glitter Fun was born from two fun-loving party animals, whose mission is to bring responsible sparkles and plastic pollution awareness to the world.

Sophie & Noemi's ethos for the brand is to protect our precious earth from further damage and to do everything possible to reverse the harm that 100 years of plastic has created. They hope their glitter will help educate people on how to reduce their plastic consumption.

Today, Eco Glitter Fun is an official Bioglitter® licensed reseller, which means their glitter is certified as 'guilt-free'.