Scoobie Wire Bangles - Set of 5 - Midnight

Fair Trade
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Set of five soft and pliable bangles in black and grey tones. Wear all five or just one or two. Comfortable and easy to wear.

Hand made through a fair trade project in South Africa from local telephone 'scoobie' wire.

Approximate size: 6.5cm diameter minimum.


The idea for uSisi (which means “sisters” in Zulu) Designs originated during the 1980s in the ethnic “homelands” of the old South Africa – the South Africa of apartheid and forced resettlement areas.  Back then, the group’s founder worked with children suffering from disabilities, and found that most were also experiencing severe malnutrition as their parents could not provide for them.

Since that time, more than 100 women have worked with uSisi, earning enough money to put their children through school, build houses and keep food on the table. Currently 40 women from different cultural backgrounds work together to craft the groups’ innovative products. The artisans come into the workshop once or twice a week where they receive their raw materials and instructions. They then return to their homes to make the jewellery, where they can also look after their children and households and save money by not traveling every day.

uSisi (which means 'sisters' in Zulu), is a dynamic craft business that produce a stylish and unique range of fair trade jewellery. The products they sell are hand made by South African women from local telephone 'scoobie' wire. Because scoobie is a soft and pliable wire, it is possible to wrap, weave and manipulate it in various ways to create this contemporary African jewellery.  The scoobie has been tested for nickel, lead and cadmium, and is safe.