Sunu Stoneware Wax Melt/Oil Burner - Light Grey

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This small ceramic oil burner has a stylish minimalist design and features a removable oil/melt dish making it easy to clean and refill. The dish is quite deep so happily accommodates a large wax melt or a decent amount of good quality diffuser oil. Its compact size means it'll warm up pretty quickly with a standard tea light, and it will also fit nicely in the dishwasher if needed.

Hand made near Bhaktapur, Nepal by a family business organised by a World Fair Trade Organisation certified collective in Kathmandu. Comes with a kraft card swing tag.

Approximately 8.5cm high x 8cm diameter.
The light grey glaze on this stoneware ceramic burner has a gloss finish and is sourced from North India.

Key features include:-

Curved minimalist design
Deep top dish for a large wax melt or plenty of essential oil
Removable dish for easy and effective cleaning
Safe to use in dishwasher (top shelf) and microwave
WFTO certified

Approximately 8.5cm high (including dish) x 8cm diameter. Dish measures 6cm diameter x 2.5cm high.

Hand made near Bhaktapur, Nepal by a family business organised by a World Fair Trade Organisation certified collective in Kathmandu. AURA QUE started working with the group in 2019. The artisans benefit from numerous initiatives, including allowances for family medical care and children's education, and a savings scheme. The organisation is active in reducing its environmental impact and has moved to electric firing for ceramics and away from kerosene-based firing.

This piece has been skilfully produced on the potter's wheel from a mix of local Nepalese clay. Any hand-carved details are added before each piece is dried in the sun, glazed and fired at high temperatures in large kilns. To maximise efficiency not an inch of space is wasted in the kilns, which run for days at a time to maintain the heat. The high firing temperature makes this stoneware ceramic dishwasher and microwave safe, and surprisingly chip resistant.
AURA QUE was founded in 2008 by Laura Queening, from which the name AURA QUE was taken. Laura lived in Nepal for several years, working directly with producers developing new product ideas as well as organising production runs. She worked with a workshop in Bhaktapur that employed local women who worked flexible hours near their homes enabling them to earn an income around their family commitments.

Laura has been working with the same fair trade producers for over 10 years, but now that she is living in Hastings, she visits Kathmandu for a few months every year to source new materials, sample new designs, maintain quality control and catch up with old friends!
Remove the top dish. Put a tea light inside the burner ensuring the wick is fairly short. If the naked flame is running high and is too close to where the wax/oil sits, it can almost scorch it, so keeping the wick trimmed so the flame is not too large is a good idea.

Pop a wax melt or a blend of your favourite oils into the dish and place on the top. Remember to never overfill the oil burner with wax melts, opt for just using one at any one time. In our experience wax melts generally keep their fragrance for 20+ hours so can be used multiple times.

Please note: All wax warmers should be treated with caution. Never leave a naked flame or burner unattended.