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Recycled Wax Octagon Pillar Candle - Lavender & Rock Salt

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This large scented pillar candle is a unique octagon shape with a purple base and is fragranced with a fresh and salty scent of lavender and rock salt.

Handmade in the UK from 100% recycled candle wax collected from local hotels, restaurants, pubs and cathedrals.

Approximately 8cm high x 7.5cm diameter.

Approximate burn time around 60 hours minimum.

The Recycled Candle Company work closely with top hotels, pubs, restaurants, and even cathedrals who are keen to reduce their waste. After the wax is collected, it is melted down, cleaned, dyed, and scented ready to be made into new candles.


The Recycled Candle Company produce their candles at their workshops located in London and Devon.
As a young boy, co-founder Richard Hills-Ingyon would often be found in the kitchen with his creative mum at their family home in Devon making jam, soap, paper and...candles! This was when he first had the idea of melting down old candles that were destined for the family bin, in order to recycle the wax, and make new candles.

In 2015, Richard met Sargon who immediately saw the potential in the idea. The two of them teamed up to create a beautiful product out of something that is generally accepted as a waste material.

Today, the company has seen so much growth that production is split between their two workshops, in Devon and London.