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Mixed Shot Glass Candles - Set of 3

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A selection of three fun and funky luxury scented candles in prosecco, gin & tonic and shiraz fragrances!  The prosecco is fruity with a subtle oak background, the gin and tonic has subtle notes of English juniper and Tuscan lemon, and the shiraz gives a warm hint of Seville orange and bergamot.

Made in the UK from 100% natural soya wax which is poured by hand into shot glasses made from recycled green wine bottles. Burn time approximately 16 hours each.

Presented in a smart gift box. 

Each shot glass holds 9ml and measures approximately 6.5cm high x 5.5cm diameter.

Made in North Cornwall using bottles sourced from the UK where possible.  All the equipment used to upcycle the glass has been designed and made by Green Glass themselves.


Every bottle goes through seven different processes in its transformation into a glass. Each one is cut, the edge ground and then melted to create a smooth surface to drink from. To make the glasses as strong and hard-wearing as possible, they are annealed in a long oven at varying temperatures for 2 hours. The equipment used to transform the bottles uses minimum energy, and the processes are designed to be as energy efficient as possible.  All the water used in the factory is filtered and reused, and recycled material is used wherever possible in the packaging.
Vineyard Candles is a brand manufactured by Green Glass, a small family run company based in the North Cornwall town of Wadebridge. The Company is passionate about Cornwall, the environment, people and living a good life which is reflected in the products they make and the way they run their business.  Green Glass also make many other great looking, useful things from recycled glass. They transform used beer and wine bottles into funky glasses which not only look original and are guaranteed to generate interest, they are also 90% more energy efficient than a regular recycled glass.