Starfish 'Rough & Tough' Dog Toy

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Sindy is a happy orange starfish who is soft and squeaky yet rough and tough too! She is double layered and double stitched for added strength and is made and filled with an eco material cleverly produced from recycled plastic bottles.

With the profit from every Sindy sold, Beco Foundation make a 5% donation to animal and environmental charities.

This is Beco's 'medium' size: approx 24.5 wide x 25.5cm high.

Made with an eco material called Petspun which is produced from recycled plastic bottles. After recycling, the bottles have their labels removed, are sterilised, sorted into colour, crushed into tiny pieces, melted, extruded into fibres, spun into yarn then woven into a fabric.
Beco Things is a London-based company that has been designing fun, eco-friendly pet products since 2009.  Beco only use natural or recycled materials throughout their product range, making them a safe and healthy choice for your pet.