Large Recycled Wool Herringbone Throw with Twisted Fringe - Candyfloss

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This large luxurious wool throw is almost too lovely to hide away in the bedroom, so we recommend having it draped over the sofa for all to see and share!

It's made in the UK by Iinouiio, an innovative recycling company, from recycled wool clothing which is cleaned, broken down into fibres, spun into yarn and then woven into fabric. The unique candyfloss pink colour is made up of lots of different brightly coloured wool garments, and looks really stylish woven in with the greeny grey.

Dry clean only.

Approximately 150cm x 188cm (excluding fringe).

This high quality wool throw is warm, breathable and durable. The beautiful colours are a result of the original wool fabrics used - no dyes are added.
Old woollen garments are sadly usually disposed of in landfill sites. When wool decomposes it produces methane, a gas that contributes to the greenhouse effect. By recycling wool, it not only gives it another life, but also methane production is reduced because less material goes to landfill sites.

Approximately 150cm x 188cm (excluding fringe). Fringe approximately 8cm.

Supplied folded with a ReSpiin 'made in Britain' label in a corn starch bag.
ReSpiin is a homeware brand designed and developed by Green Pioneer. It was created to showcase stylish recycled and renewable textiles. Their pioneering producers work with materials that have a story to tell - whether that is about the way a material grows or the journey it has been on.

These particular ReSpiin throws are made for ReSpiin in the UK by innovative brand Iinouiio. This new company has started up to bring luxury fibre recycling to the UK (to date it has only been available in countries such as India), and their exciting plans include building their own recycling plant here. The two herringbone throws are from their first ever production of recycled wool fibres.
Can be used as a throw, a blanket for the bed, car or on picnics.

Dry clean only. Do not bleach.
95% wool, 5% other fibres. Contains a minimum of 80% recycled fibres.