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Grow a trio of exotic fruits on a windowsill at home with this cleverly designed grow bar. The seeds have been carefully selected to grow fruits that bring colour and flavour to cocktails, jams and puddings and are nestled in a neat, fertile coir bar ready to grow - just add water! Coir is an eco friendly coconut fibre, and a sustainable alternative to peat.  

Contains three seed types -

Alpine Strawberry - exceptionally sweet and aromatic, these cute little berries are much smaller than common strawberries and are utterly delicious picked and eaten straight off the plant, added to cereal or porridge, or in a fruit salad with yogurt. They have many health benefits including being rich in vitamin C, a digestive aid and helping to detoxify the body.

Cape Gooseberry - a sweet yet tart flavour excellent for compotes or baked treats. The seeds can also be saved after harvest ready for the next growing season.

Cucamelon - as the name suggests, this cute little fruit tastes like a cucumber but looks like a mini melon! Great sliced to enhance and embellish your cocktail creations, and as a crisp refreshing lift to your favourite G & T!

Simply unwrap the grow bar and place it into a container with plenty of space to allow it to expand. Gently pour half a litre of water into the tray and position indoors on a warm, bright windowsill. Water regularly, and as the seedlings sprout and grow around four to eight leaves, they are ready to be potted on or planted out. Please note not all seeds will germinate at the same time.

Carefully hand prepared by a small team in South London and wrapped in biodegradable shrink film developed from sugar cane. Beautifully packaged 'chocolate bar' style in recyclable materials.

Bar measures approximately 10.3cm wide x 29.3cm long x 1.5cm high.


The film wrap used to keep the grow bar fresh is made from biodegradable sugar cane.

The seeds are nestled in coir, a sustainable alternative to peat that is made with coconut fibres.


Created and beautifully packaged in South London, UK.
Growbars are produced by The Gluttonous Gardener Ltd in South London. The idea for unique gardening gifts came from gardener Ned Trier over 20 years ago when he found himself in yet another London traffic jam en route to a client’s garden. Keen to avoid the traffic and to keep busier in the quieter months, Ted devised a plan to deliver a range of growing gifts for the same price as a decent bunch of flowers. After a lot of trial, and a few errors, he had designed a beautiful and sturdy wooden crate to keep plants safe on their journey and began delivering his growing gifts. The Growbars are the latest introduction to their unique range of gifts.