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Pukka Herbal Tea Collection Pack

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A beautifully packaged selection of award winning herbal teas that have been blended based on the principles of Ayurveda, the ancient Indian philosophy of health and wellbeing. 

Each box contains 4 sachets of Elderberry & Echinacea, Lemon, Ginger & Manuka Honey, Night Time, Three Mint and Detox.

Elderberry & Echinacea has an abundance of ripe wild fruits such as purple-black elderberries and inky blackcurrants, blended with fragrant FairWild elderflower and comforting echinacea.

Lemon, Ginger & Manuka Honey is a warming blend of spicy-sweet Sicilian lemon zest, slow-dried ginger root, FairWild elderflowers and Manuka Honey for a cup of tea that warms your heart as well as your body.

Night Time is a blissfully soothing herbal blend of oatstraw, chamomile & lavender. Sweet and mellow it helps to calm and ease tension so aiding peaceful sleep.

Three Mint is what mint tea really should be - sweet yet intensely fresh with a delicate aromatic scent. Three delicious varieties of mint leaves have been blended to create the fullest flavour. It will help support digestion and refresh the palate.

Detox is a delicious cleansing blend of aniseed, fennel & liquorice. Wonderfully aromatic its perfect for helping you feel back on top form.

Certified organic by the Soil Association.

20 sachets.


The Pukka tea range is made from herbs that are ecologically grown and are from sustainable managed projects that are organically certified by the Soil Association - Britain’s largest and most recognisable trademark for organic produce and probably the highest and most comprehensive organic standard in the world.


Pukka source their herbs directly from farming co-operatives they have helped to set up in India and Sri Lanka, ensuring the farmers are paid a fair wage (they currently pay 50-200% above market rates for raw materials). They work directly with over 500 families growing Ayurvedic herbs organically for them and plant over 1,000,000 plants and trees per year.

The teas are blended in Bristol.

Based in Bristol, Pukka Herbs offer a unique range of organic award winning teas which are based on the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda – ‘the art of living wisely.’ The Company was set up to make the wonders of this wisdom easily accessible to everyone.