Organic Raw Chocolate - 72% Cacao - 70g

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This organic dark chocolate is made with unroasted 72% cacao from sustainable fair trade smallholdings in Ecuador, producing a delicate and well balanced chocolate with floral, jasmine-like tasting notes.

Raw chocolate is made with unroasted cacao, savouring as much of the real authentic flavour and nutrient rich properties as possible - straight from the bean. Ombar boasts the 'Bean to bar' process which involves handcrafting the chocolate from a raw cacao bean through to a finished bar, thus having full control over the whole chocolate making process.

Raw organic cacao is an incredible superfood packed with heart-healthy polyphenols, manganese, magnesium, antioxidants, over 300 natural compounds, essential nutrients and minerals that nourish the brain, immune system and muscles, making it a much healthier choice than regular roasted chocolate.

Produced in the UK from natural and organic ingredients that have been minimally processed to deliver as much flavour and goodness as possible. Wrapped in a material made from paper and foil bonded together. Some local authorities will recycle this but in most cases it should be thrown away with your general waste. The outer wrapper is fully recyclable. Ombar is currently working hard to find a recyclable solution for the inner layer which can also provide the chocolate inside with enough protection.

Free from gluten, refined sugar, preservatives and additives.

Certified Organic by the Organic Food Federation. Fair Trade certified according to the Fair for Life standard.


Approximately 6.5cm wide x 14cm long - 70g.

This raw chocolate bar is made with 100% organic raw cacao. Maximum goodness is preserved due to minimal processing.


Ombar chocolate is certified fair trade by Fair for Life. Ombar even pay more than the fair trade recommended price for their cacao.


Ombar chocolate is produced by Mood Foods Ltd, based in Fulbourn, Cambridge.


Unroasted cacao*♦, Coconut sugar*♦, Cocoa butter*, Live Culture: Lactobacillus Acidophilus.

*Certified organic.
♦Fair trade certified according to the Fair for Life standard (91%).

Cocoa solids 72% minimum.

May contain nuts.
Founder Richard Turner started Ombar at a small kitchen in 2007; his passion born out of the desire to bring the health benefits of cacao to people by redefining and redesigning chocolate as a healthy food. Dismayed that chocolate had lost its way, Richard vowed to champion good chocolate and put cacao back on top.

The same passion and desire exist today - the humble cacao bean is a little gem of a superfood with huge health benefits.