Mini Bar - Salted Almond 70% Dark Chocolate - 20g

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This mini bar of single origin dark chocolate is blended with roasted almond and crunchy Maldon sea salt flakes hand harvested in Essex. This flavour combination satisfies bitter sweet and savoury cravings in one - what could be a better pick-me-up?!

This mini bar is the perfect size to snack on the move, share with guests, colleagues, family or friends!

Hand made in Great Britain by Love Cocoa, a company owned by the great-great-great grandchild of John Cadbury. 100% recyclable packaging including compostable inner wrapper.

Organic and fair trade. Suitable for vegetarians and vegans. Free from palm oil.

Box measures approximately 5cm wide x 11.5cm long x 1cm high.



Hand made in London, UK.


Love Cocoa take great care in sourcing the ingredients for their chocolate bars, working with a supplier who guarantees a higher than market price to cocoa farmers. They work with farmers to improve the way they harvest their crop, from ensuring trees are replanted, to monitoring the way the beans are fermented. They source from small family ran businesses in the Dominican Republic and Ecuador, where sustainability is at the heart of the process, with the farming done in an organic way and work done post-harvest to renovate plantations and replant trees.


Certified organic by the Organic Food Federation, one of the UK’s leading certification bodies operating nationally in all areas of organics.


Dark chocolate (cocoa mass, raw cane sugar, cocoa butter, vanilla extract, emulsi­fier: sunflower lecithin 0.1%), Maldon® Sea Salt flakes (0.6%).

Cocoa solids 70% minimum.

Made on machinery that processes milk, tree nuts (almonds, hazelnuts), peanuts and wheat.
The inspiration behind Love Cocoa comes from founder James Cadbury's great-great-great grandfather John Cadbury, who setup Cadbury chocolate nearly 200 years ago. The philanthropist built Cadbury on great ethical grounds, looking after its workforce and improving civil rights. With the family no longer involved, the business was subject to a hostile takeover in 2010 being sold to a US company.

The idea for a business came on his mother's birthday when James couldn't find an online service that would deliver chocolate the next day and that fitted through the letterbox. James launched Love Cocoa in July 2016, and built on the principals of the ethical company Cadbury originally was. The following year Love Cocoa gained their first listings at Fortnum & Mason's, exactly 100 years after the store stocked the original Cadbury products.

Today, James Cadbury continues to enjoy making British chocolate great again, reinventing chocolate classics with a contemporary touch, being all natural and free-from palm oil and artificial ingredients. The chocolate itself is manufactured in a family-run British factory that sources fair trade and organic cocoa from farmers in Ecuador and the Dominican Republic.

James also holds a passion to combat problems rife within the cocoa industry such as deforestation, cocoa farmer poverty and human rights abuses, and donates 10% of the company's profits to the Rainforest Foundation.