Big Bar 70% Extra Dark Chocolate

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This 70% cocoa dark chocolate bar is perfect for those that like their chocolate smooth and unadulterated! It's all about the 100% slave-free cocoa beans that are blended in Belgium, and is a great option for chocolate-loving vegans.

The chunky 180g of chocolate is wrapped up in smart silver foil and a colourful wrapper which encourages the owner to share the chocolate (optional!) and share Tony's mission to change the chocolate industry (much more important).

This chunky 70% cocoa Fairtrade dark chocolate bar is deliciously smooth and incredibly tasty!

The bar is purposely and uniquely divided into unequal chunks as a way of reminding chocolate lovers that the profits in the chocolate industry are unfairly divided. It also provides a fun way of sharing the bar when you don't really want to!

Made in Belgium with Fairtrade beans from cocoa farms in Ghana and the Ivory Coast that are 100% slave free.

Comes presented in the traditional chocolate way - in foil and a paper wrapper. The uncoated paper wrapper is made from a blend of recycled and FSC certified paper and is fully recyclable. It details the brand's mission to end modern slavery and illegal child labour which is alarmingly common in West Africa - where 60% of the world's cocoa comes from.

The more people that choose slave-free chocolate and spread the message, the sooner 100% slave-free will be the norm in chocolate.

Approximately 8.5cm wide x 16cm long x 1.5cm high. 180g.

In addition to the usual Fairtrade premium paid to farmers, Tony's Chocolonely pay a 'Tony’s' premium so cocoa farmers can earn a decent income. The premium helps increase the farmer’s income by enabling them to invest in resources that increase productivity, such as agricultural training courses and nurseries for new cocoa trees. The premium also reduces their outgoings by enabling them to buy fertiliser in bulk and install central water pumps and by making education more accessible. More than 9.2% of the retail price of Tony's bars goes to the cocoa farmers.

All Tony's cocoa farmers are affiliated with their partner cooperatives, which comprise Kapatchiva, Ecojad, ECAM and Socoopacdi in Ivory Coast and ABOCFA, Asetenapa and Asunafo in Ghana. Tony’s Impact team regularly travels to Ghana and the Ivory Coast to visit their partner cooperatives and attend the annual meetings. They always take an extra bag of Tony's chocolate with them so that the farmers can see the results of all their hard work!

Tony’s Chocolonely was founded by Teun van de Keuken, a Dutch journalist who launched a crusade against child slavery in the chocolate industry on the consumer watchdog show 'Keuringsdienst van Waarde'. Teun was shocked to discover that slavery still existed in the cocoa sector and when he tried to discuss the problem with the large chocolate makers, they ignored him. Teun decided to lead by example, took action and made 5,000 Fairtrade chocolate bars himself. Tony’s Chocolonely was born.

The brand name came from Tony being the English equivalent of Teun, and ‘Chocolonely’ because he felt he was the only person in the chocolate industry who cared about eradicating slavery.

Today Tony's Chocolonely is still showing that chocolate can be made differently, without slavery and exploitation. They have developed their own recipe for slave-free cocoa with five ingredients enabling the farmers to make a decent living. It also ensures that they know exactly where their beans come from and allow them to work with the farmers directly to eliminate the abuses in the industry.

Tony's unique recipe for slave-free cocoa consists of five basic principles:

Traceable Beans - They know where the beans in their chocolate come from. They only trade directly with farmer cooperatives.

A Higher Price - They pay more than just the certification premium, and enable the farmer to earn a living income.

Strong Farmers - They help professionalise the cooperatives organisations, create economies of scale and build trust and commitment.

The Long Term - They guarantee the farmer at least 5 years of sales for a higher price. That helps them to invest in their future.

Quality and Productivity - They invest in agricultural knowledge and training in order to increase the farmers' yields.
Cocoa mass, sugar, cocoa butter, fat-reduced cocoa powder, emulsifier (soya lecithin).

May contain traces of gluten, eggs, peanuts, milk and nuts.

Suitable for vegans.

Store in a cool, dry and dark place, but not in the fridge.