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Lipi Linen Scarf - Sage Green

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The Lipi Scarf is hand made from high quality linen and is elegant and stylish. It is also extremely versatile - warm in the winter yet cool in the summer - and can be worn all year round.  They also look great not only for every day but also for weddings and parties.  

Each scarf is woven on a handloom in India, a traditional skill that has remained relatively unchanged for generations, and has plaited cord tassels at each end.

The Sage Green Lipi Scarf is a stylish, pale khaki pastel shade which is extremely versatile as it goes well with any colour outfit. 

Also available in Lavender and Sea Green.

Fair Trade.

100% linen.  Dry Clean.

180cm x 70cm.


Nkuku is a member of two leading fair trade organisations, WFTO (World Fair Trade Organisation), and BAFTS (British Association of Fair Trade Shops).  In brief, this means that Nkuku pay their suppliers a decent wage for their work; working conditions are safe and a good standard; no children are exploited.  All  products are skilfully created in a positive and pleasant environment.

Nkuku ensure compliance with this code of conduct by making regular visits to their suppliers.  They also maintain a close and personal relationship with the artisans themselves, and know that they are very proud of their work and their work force.

Nkuku is an environmentally aware company who endeavour to create products using recycled and natural materials through sustainable methods of production.


All Nkuku scarves are hand made in India from natural materials.

Nkuku specialise in eco-friendly, fair trade, homewares & gifts. The range is inspired by traditional skills of artisans throughout Africa & India, combining contemporary design with age old traditions, natural materials & sustainable methods of production.