Spice Kitchen is a family-run spice company founded by mother and son duo Shashi and Sanjay Aggarwal. The idea came on Christmas Day 2012, when the two of them were chatting about how nice it would be to have a spicy masala dabba (a traditional, stainless steel Indian spice box) that could be given as a gift to food loving family and friends. Sanjay had never thought of the idea as a business, simply a little project to keep his mother occupied in retirement!

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The story behind Spice Kitchen


By Boxing Day Sanjay had sold his first ever spice box on Ebay! Realising the potential, he quickly sourced some good quality stainless steel Indian spice tins and packed them with essential Indian spices along with his mum’s super special garam masala. He started out at Altrincham Market in Manchester, where he pitched up with a makeshift sign and some wooden tables, selling the tins and serving mulled wine - often in freezing conditions. It wasn't long before things really started to take off and having outgrown the kitchen table at home, Shashi and Sanjay found their first little manufacturing space in Cheshire. With more room, they could extend the range from the flagship Indian Spice Tin into Middle Eastern, World, International Chilli, Moroccan and Gin Botanicals collections.


By 2021, Spice Kitchen had outgrown its Cheshire kitchen, and moved to a larger office and warehouse space in Liverpool, completing the family dream. But things didn't stop there! The duo attended the BBC Good Food Show and were approached to appear with the Hairy Bikers! Shashi and Sanjay were also asked to cook for the CEO of eBay and his team, and from there things just went wild! Spice Kitchen won several industry awards, including the prestigious Gift of the Year and the Great Taste Awards for Shashi's Garam Masala recipe. By 2023, the Spice Kitchen Cookery Book was published, giving Shashi and Sanjay the perfect chance to share their love of cooking at home, and to have fun developing loads of recipes together to inspire people to cook amazing meals.

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    Bold spice blends - great gifts for adventurous cooks!
    Spice Kitchen produces award winning spice blends that will transform dishes with a single spoonful! Bring joy to your taste buds and a burst of flavour to mealtimes.

    Why I Love Spice Kitchen

    It's easy to find spices on the market, but there are two things about Spice Kitchen that caught my eye when I was looking for new additions to our 'kitchen section'. First the expertise behind the blends they make and the fact they cover so many different types of flavours. And secondly the beautifully designed packaging that means they'll look pride of place in any kitchen. A lovely gift for a budding chef!

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