The idea for Sow Many Seeds came in 2020 during the UK Covid 19 lockdown when founder Lizzie Knott was on furlough from a busy floral events company in London. The slow pace of lockdown meant Lizzie had time to notice nature uncurl and carry on regardless whilst the rest of the world was on hold. People were re-connecting back with nature and their outdoor spaces, regardless of size.

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The story behind Sow Many Seeds Gifting


Lizzie found comfort in being creative. She filled her days making eco friendly gifts that celebrated nature, and that could be sent to loved ones we were unable to see at the time. But that wasn’t enough - she wanted them to have a function and give back to nature too. So Lizzie took to her potting shed, incorporating seeds into them and the concept emerged…. ‘gifts that keep on giving!’


Much of Lizzies initial inspiration came from her rather wild looking vegetable patch viewed from the window of her potting shed! She quickly outgrew the space and moved to the kitchen table and conservatory, and in the lead up to Christmas 2002, when furlough ended in redundancy, Lizzie decided to run with her ideas full time.

With cute co-worker Mossie the Jack-a-Poo for company (who's always available for a quick cuddle), she hasn't looked back since!

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    The gift that keeps on giving!
    These unique plantable seed gifts are great for any occasion. Designed to delight the recipient as they sow, grow and enjoy the wildlife that the blooms bring, whilst encouraging us to enjoy the slow process and therapeutic benefits of growing flowers.

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