Leaf Vegan Bread Wrap - Botanics
Leaf Vegan Bread Wrap - Botanics
Leaf Vegan Bread Wrap - Botanics
Leaf Vegan Bread Wrap - Botanics
Leaf Vegan Bread Wrap - Botanics

Leaf Vegan Bread Wrap - Botanics

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Leaf vegan wraps are part of the BeeBee wrap family so are made from the same organic cotton, but contain plant-based wax in place of beeswax, making them vegan friendly. The wraps protect food whilst allowing it to breathe, and the plant-based wax and pine resin helps make the fabric lightly adhesive so it can easily be shaped around food and bowls with warm hands, or folded into packages to store food at room temperature or in the fridge. 

This giant bread wrap comes in a fun and colourful botanics print. It measures 45cm x 55cm so is a good size for wrapping a loaf of bread, and is handy for popping over leftover casseroles and tray bakes once they are cool. It also works well for storing salad leaves in the fridge as it can be shaped into a handy salad bag. Because the salad can breathe through the wrap it doesn't get wet with condensation so lasts longer than when in plastic bags or wrap.

Made in the UK from GOTS certified organic cotton that’s been infused with a formula of British plant based wax, responsibly sourced European pine resin and organic jojoba oil. Printed with GOTS certified organic dyes and presented in a recycled card sleeve.

Care instructions:
Hand wash in COLD soapy water with an eco-friendly soap and air dry.  For best results, wash like a plate, not a piece of fabric. It can handle a very light scrub with a gentle dishcloth or sponge.

Store rolled, folded or flat.

Leaf Wraps can last a year or longer with proper care.  At the end of their life they can be composted. Not suitable for microwaves or exposure to hot temperatures.

One wrap supplied - 45cm x 55cm.
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BeeBee wraps are designed to encourage reuse and the reduction of single use plastic cling film, thus supporting a cleaner and more sustainable lifestyle.

The wraps are also produced using sustainably sourced ingredients - the pine resin is responsibly sourced from European pine forests. The suppliers currently hold ISO14001 - Environmental Management System OHSAS 18001 - Occupational Health and Safety.


Made from GOTS certified organic cotton and printed with GOTS certified organic dyes.


Leaf is part of the BeeBee family, a small yet fast growing eco business based in Cambridge, UK.
About the Brand
Kath Austin started her BeeBee Wraps journey in 2016, whilst on maternity leave with her second child. She was storing her homemade sourdough bread in plastic bags and being airtight, the bread would warm up, create condensation and turn mouldy very quickly. Kath decided to look for a practical and planet friendly alternative to store her bread, and when a friend suggested beeswax food wraps, she researched how they were made and started making her own at home. In April 2017 after many months of testing different oils and fabrics, Kath finally came up with a formulation that worked extremely well, and launched BeeBee Wraps to the market on her Etsy shop. The response was huge and over the next year Kath launched her own website, and took on a small team to help her in her home town of Cambridge. After a final redesign and the launch of some colourful, exclusive prints and eco friendly packaging, BeeBee became a rapid success story, later moving to larger premises and appearing on UK's Dragon's Den.

Leaf Wrap is part of the BeeBee Wrap family, and was launched in 2020 as a vegan, plant-based wax alternative to the beeswax wrap.

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