Reduce waste by cutting down on single use products with our range of reusables.

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    FAQs about Reusables

    How many single use coffee cups are used in the UK?
    Staggering numbers - In the UK, 2.5 billion coffee cups are used and discarded annually. Only 0.25 percent of these cups, or less than 1 in 400, are recycled.
    Take a reusable and slash these numbers.

    The UK goes through a staggering 14 billion plastic drinks/water bottles a year. What a waste! YES! -Remember your reusable bottle, refill wherever you go and cut down this horrifying statistic - and save money too.

    The list is getting longer all the time! Try: facial wipes, tissues, food & snack containers, produce bags, paper towels, baby wipes, food wraps, travel cutlery, shopping bags, enough to get started with!