The idea for a greetings card business came in 2015, some 25 years after painter and obsessive drawer Lucy Creed graduated in Fine Art at Winchester. She fell in love with the potential to create artwork and share ideas and humour in an affordable format, and relished the freedom of approaching each card as a separate project. Some of Lucy's designs featured humorous verse written by her good friend Trevor Parsons, a talented and popular British poet and author based in Bristol.

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The story behind Poet and Painter


Poet and Painter had been growing continuously for two years when in November 2017, Lucy was joined by her art school buddy Bryn Dineen to form the perfect partnership. The duo weren't interested in any styles that were trending; bringing their own unique, hilarious and untethered creativity to each design. Industry award nominations soon followed and awards began streaming in, along with requests from stockists across the UK eager to bring joy and creativity to their collections.


Poet and Painter HQ is based just outside the beautiful Georgian City of Bath with a lovely view over the valley that Sydney the Labrador, the company's super efficient unpacker, gets to enjoy every day. The studio itself produces its fair share of tomfoolery, with many dogs and a constant stream of current and often snortingly funny original writing. Keeping things funny, empathic and relevant in a world where, reaching out to those we love with positive messaging and humour is as vital now as it ever was.

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    Poet and Painter is a UK based Contemporary Arts Publisher offering quirky, eclectic and strikingly original greetings cards with wit, wordplay, vibrant illustrations and an eye for the unnoticed in the every day!

    Why I Love Poet and Painter

    I'm always on the look out for cards that look good and make us smile - and the Poet and Painter range definitely ticks those boxes. I met Lucy at a recent trade fair and loved her enthusiasm and quirky sense of humour - looking forward to seeing what she comes up with next!

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