Chunky Recycled Tumbler - Smoky Grey
Chunky Recycled Tumbler - Smoky Grey
Chunky Recycled Tumbler - Smoky Grey

Chunky Recycled Tumbler - Smoky Grey

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This smoky grey recycled glass tumbler is hand blown at a family run workshop in Mexico. Its chunky shape is achieved using hand-and-eye techniques that date back a thousand years, and the fact that each one made is a slightly different size and shape is part of their enduring charm.

All of our Milagros glasses are wrapped in the Mexican newspaper they arrive in - a fun way of getting across the fact that they are made in Mexico!

Approximately 12-13cm tall x 7cm diameter.

Sold singly.

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This smoky grey glass tumbler is made in a family-run workshop using Pepsi bottles and other discarded glass. The glass is melted down and then mouth blown, and the colour is added during this process.  Each piece is shaped by hand and eye using techniques that date back thousands of years. The trace of the maker is captured as the glass solidifies – small ripples and optical distortions are an integral part of the glassware. It is not for those who favour the symmetry of the production line. 

It is a myth that recycling glass uses more energy than it saves. Recycling two glass bottles saves the equivalent energy of boiling 5 cups of water - which seems a small saving until you take into account that 2.4 tonnes of glass end up in landfill per year.
About the Brand

In 1990, Tom Bloom travelled in an old Saab from California to Mexico, where he was swept away by the beauty of the country and the bold, colourful and strange aesthetics of the arts and craftsmanship there. He abandoned a career in academia and returned a year later to establish Milagros.

Milagros works directly with individual makers and workshops to create quality handmade products, combining traditional techniques with contemporary design. The glassware is hand blown by a family run business they have been working with for over twenty years.

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