Fresh out of university, graphic designer Dominic Early worked feverishly to pay the bills selling his handmade cards on a stall in Spitalfields, East London's no 1 market.

22 years later he and his wife Heidi proudly run a successful publishing business and one of Stoke Newington’s most popular and community-minded card shops.

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The story behind Earlybird Designs


Dominic designs the in-house cards while Heidi sources complimentary cards and gifts from other small UK-based designers.

Inspired by prints, patterns and cutting things up, Dominic continually comes up with new ranges, which are frequently tested out on the good folk of Stoke Newington who come into the shop.

Once Dominic gets the go-ahead from his lovely local customers and the rest of the very clever Earlybird team, the best designs are unleashed on the rest of the country.


The locals of Stoke Newington look forward to coming into the shop to catch up with the lovely Heidi and have a good laugh at the constant new fun designs on display there.

We're told you can hear the giggles from outside!

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    Earlybird Designs is a small, family run business that designs and publishes fun, quirky and colourful greetings cards.

    Why I Love Earlybird Designs

    We're lucky to stock so many creative card makers, but the main reason I added Earlybird to our range was because they were one of the first producers of plastic free notecards. You wouldn't believe how long I've been looking for these - so many are wrapped in a plastic bag - so when I spotted their clever little display boxes I had to add them to the range.

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