NOW Cup - Cream & Black - 12oz
NOW Cup - Cream & Black - 12oz
NOW Cup - Cream & Black - 12oz
NOW Cup - Cream & Black - 12oz
NOW Cup - Cream & Black - 12oz

NOW Cup - Cream & Black - 12oz

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This cream and black reusable NOW Cup has been cleverly designed to mimic a disposable coffee cup, in a bid to aid the transition of reusables into everyday life. It is made from recycled, single-use paper cups and has insulated layers to help keep drinks warm and prevent fingers from burning. It has the familiar snap-fit lid with sipping slot and is 100% recyclable at the end of its useful 5 year lifespan, making it a great choice for the planet as well as great value for money.

Carry a NOW cup for all your take away drinks - because the time is NOW. Every purchase of a reusable coffee cup funds a sustainable solution to global waste. 

Designed in the UK and responsibly produced in China from recycled single-use paper cups. Comes with information leaflet.

BPA and melamine free. Dishwasher safe. Not suitable for use in microwaves.

Measures approximately 15cm high with lid and 13.3cm high without lid. Base diameter approximately 6.4cm. Suitable for most car cup holders and coffee machines. 

12oz / 340ml capacity.
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Bringing your own reusable cup for your take away drink will help go towards reducing the amount of single-use cups sent to landfill each year.

Disposable paper cups usually contain 5% polyurethane plastic, making composting and recycling extremely rare. Half a trillion disposable cups are manufactured annually around the world - that’s over 70 disposable cups for every person on the planet.


The NOW Cup is made from recycled single-use paper cups. Because certain parts of any reusable cup have to be food safe, currently only 60% of the NOW Cup is made from recycled content. That is 60% better than most other reusable cups, but it is still not good enough.

With their partners, Circular & Co have invented a way of developing a food grade recycled plastic, and are actively working with major UK retail brands to secure enough food grade plastic from the market for them to process. They hope to release the world's first 100% recycled cup in the very near future.
About the Brand
Circular & Co is an innovative company based in North Cornwall that specialises in turning everyday waste destined for landfill into unique, functional products for the home, garden and everyday sustainable living. The name Circular comes from the brand's ethos of thinking in circles, aiming to reuse what we already have, time and time again, obtaining a sustainable solution to global waste.

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