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This pink Ruby Clean is a collapsible silicone case which can be used to clean your Ruby Cup. Just fill with water until around three quarters full, pop the Ruby Cup inside and fold the lid down without closing it completely. Place in the microwave and cook on full power for around 3 minutes so the water is boiling. When the water has boiled for a few minutes, use the cup's 'ears' to remove it from the microwave, taking care to keep skin away from rising steam and boiling water.

Designed in Spain and produced responsibly in China from 100% medical-grade silicone and packaged in a fully biodegradable clear bag. Full instruction leaflet included.

Suitable for dishwasher.

Approximately 12cm wide x 8cm high.


Ruby Cup is a healthier, more sustainable and cost-effective alternative to single-use period products and dramatically reduces the impact your period has on the environment.

90% of the average menstrual pad is made from plastic. Tampons have plastic in them too – not just in their packaging and applicators, but even in the string.

Most people with periods will use around 12,000 disposable period products over the course of a lifetime. That’s around 200kg of waste product per person. Most of these will head straight to landfill, where, thanks to their plastic components, will take hundreds of years to break down. Every tampon and sanitary pad that you or anyone you know has ever used in their lifetime still exists somewhere in the world today.

Disposable period products also contribute to your carbon footprint too. On average, one year’s worth of menstrual products will contribute around 5.3kg of CO2 to the atmosphere. That means that Ruby Cup users have prevented the creation of period products that would have created around 10,706,000kg of CO2. That’s more than flying from London to Los Angeles 6,488 times!

A single Ruby Cup can be used at all stages of a period for up to 10 years, replacing around 2,000 disposable period products with just one cup.
The Ruby Cup is made by Ruby Life, a company which began as a social start-up in 2011and has since grown into an award-winning social business.

Co-founders Julie, Maxie and Veronica created Ruby Cup not simply because they wanted better menstrual health solutions for themselves, but more that they wanted these solutions to be available to women and girls everywhere, regardless of their income or background.

In 2012, Ruby Cup started their 'Buy One Give One' mission. For every single Ruby Cup sold, it is accompanied by another cup that is donated to a girl or woman who struggles to gain access to safe and affordable menstrual products. As well as supplying the product, the programme gives women and girls access to educational workshops and mentorship, where they will learn about menstrual care and reproductive health, and how to use their new cup.

In less than 10 years, Ruby has donated 100,000 cups reaching 13 different countries across 3 continents..

When Green Pioneer started working with Ruby Cup in October 2020, they had already donated more than 100,000 cups in 21 countries over 3 continents.