Recycled Patchwork Washbag - Forest Green Mix - C

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This Kantha patchwork washbag makes a unique and beautiful gift useful for weekends away, keeping makeup organised, for artist's pens and pencils - in fact almost anything! It's been skilfully upcycled by hand using irregular pieces cut from vintage cotton quilt blankets so each one has its own unique pattern making it a true 'one-off'.

Each bag in the forest green mix features green piping detail, a green zip with red tassel, and come in an array of fairly dark colours, depending on what material is available at the time. We photograph each bag individually so you will receive the one shown in the first four pictures of the style C product.

Produced responsibly in India from vintage cotton blankets.

Approximately 11cm wide x 26cm long x 20cm high.
“Kantha” meaning ‘rags’ refers to the recycled vintage fabrics used to create a new textile, in the form of patchwork. The Kantha stitch is a simple ‘running’ stitch, used to add detail along each panel.

Key features of the bag include:

Spacious rectangle shape with flat bottom
Reinforced insert at the base for extra support
Coloured zip closure with tassel detail on zip pull
Piped detail at top and side panels
Skilfully upcycled by hand from vintage cotton quilts
Unique and 'one of a kind'

Responsibly produced in partnership with skilled artisans in India, who take great pride in their crafts.

Approximately 11cm wide x 26cm long x 20cm high.

Unique and 'one of a kind'.
My Doris is an independent jewellery, accessories and homeware brand celebrating colour and creativity from around the world.

It was founded in 2018 by Katie Williamson - starting as a small project from Katie’s kitchen table in sunny Suffolk. Born from her love of vintage jewellery, retro discoveries and intuitive eye for stand-out detail. My Doris is a true reflection of Katie – vibrant, grounded, super-chic and full of optimism. The name itself has family roots with Malcolm’s (Katie’s Dad) fond pet name for his wife being my Doris and Pamela, (Katie’s Mum) owning it. Combine this nostalgia with Pamela's love for beautifully made jewellery, and you have the perfect fit.

The company consists of a small team of women working together in a Suffolk studio to bring feel-good collections that are big on detail and delight.

Each collection is designed in-house and enriched by skilled artisans in India, Turkey and Uzbekistan who take great pride in their crafts. Everything is made by hand from start to finish using traditional methods and techniques, bringing the designs to life and constantly inspiring the My Doris team.

Four years on, and My Doris has grown to a family of designers, producers and collaborators spanning the globe - the bonds (and banter) made along the way makes this such a wonderful part of its story!
Made wih pieces cut from vintage cotton blankets.