Wax Melt Bar - Lily and White Rose

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This beautiful, botanical wax melt bar is made from 100% soy wax for a cleaner, non-toxic fragrance experience. It has six easy to snap-off wax melt cubes and provides a natural way of fragrancing your home with the minimum amount of waste possible if used with an electric oil burner. For standard ceramic oil burners, just place one melt in the middle of the burner and use an unscented tea light underneath to heat the wax. The cube can be re-used until all the fragrance has evaporated, then simply snap-off another cube and change the wax. Diffusion time is approximately 12-16 hours per cube.

The lily and white rose fragrance is a lovely, sensual, floral blend with white roses as its core. It is intertwined with lily and touches of white musk, which will add a subtle touch of uplifting warmth throughout your home. Contains whole rose flower buds and petals.

Hand made in the UK in small batches by infusing 100% soy wax with botanicals and the finest oils. Once combined, the mixture is carefully poured into moulds and stored for curing. Presented in fully recyclable and biodegradable packaging.

Vegan friendly and non toxic.

Bar measures approximately 6cm wide x 8cm long x 2cm high.



Made with natural ingredients. Free from phalates, paraffin, palm, beeswax, dyes and synthetic additives.


Made by hand in the Norfolk countryside using high quality raw materials and traditional manufacturing methods.
Founder Christina Brand started The Candle Brand in 2018, a family run business set in the heart of the Norfolk countryside.

All The Candle Brand products are made by hand using high quality raw materials and traditional manufacturing methods. After years of extensive testing, the company has formulated a range of stylish, high quality fragrance products that are fully CLP compliant and follow all UK and EU home fragrance laws and legislations. CLP is an EU Regulation for the labelling and packaging of chemical substances and mixtures.

The company also makes conscious decisions about every part of the business - from the materials they work with, to the eco-friendly packaging they use, and are proud to be leading the market with creating unique and innovative home fragrance products.