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Suitable for the most sensitive of skins, this beautifully packaged bar of milk and honey unscented soap is made using natural and certified organic ingredients, and produced in small batches to maximise freshness. Smooth, creamy coconut milk and organic honey is added to a cold pressed, unrefined organic olive oil base to make a hard, long lasting castile soap that produces a less bubbly but more luxurious, creamy lather, ideal for conditioning and softening skin. Olive oil is also high in oleic acid, the most common monounsaturated fatty acid found in human cells, which helps to promote healthy cell activity.

Hand made in Gloucestershire, UK using the cold process method which means that no heat is used during the processing so that the oil retains more of its natural antioxidants. It is left to dry or "cure" until most of the water has evaporated out of it resulting in a harder, milder and more nourished product.

Beautifully packaged to meet the COSMetic Organic & Natural Standard (COSMOS), which means minimising the amount of material used and maximising the amount of material that can be reused or recycled. An FSC certified paper wrap is used in place of plastic lined packaging as it allows the soap to breathe, extending its shelf life and avoiding plastic waste.

At the end of its life, any tiny slither of leftover soap too small to use can be put on the compost heap or in with the food scraps waste collection. Even the soap's packaging can be re-purposed - it has been known to be made into gift tags, Christmas decorations and for the creative - really pretty bunting!

Organic and natural. Free from palm oil.

Approximately 2cm x 9cm x 6cm. 115g.

Soap Folk source the highest quality, natural and certified organic ingredients for their soaps. Each ingredient is sourced sustainably, farmed without the use of herbicides and GM ingredients and in ways which protect wildlife and biodiversity - be it fields, prairie or rainforest.

Not only are all the ingredients used for this soap totally natural, they are also totally biodegradable, which means that the lather that washes away down the drain and out to sea does so with minimal impact on our water and aquatic life.


Made by hand using the cold process method. This is a traditional soap making technique which requires lots of stirring and plenty of patience.


Made by hand at Inchbrooks Mills, in the Stroud Valleys, Gloucestershire. The workshop is part of a recently renovated Victorian factory which lay abandoned for 30 years.


Sodium Olivate, Sodium Cocoate, Sodium Shea Butterate, Sodium Sunflowerseedate, Aqua, Glycerin, Sodium Castorate, Sodium Cocoa Butterate, Cocos Nucifera Fruit Juice, Mel.

Palm Oil Free.

Of total ingredients: 100% natural origin, 86% organic.
Founder Fiona built Soap Folk literally from the ground up, after reading a Facebook post from Made in Stroud asking for local soap makers. It was a lightning bolt moment for Fiona who had young daughters and felt she had lost sight of who she was and needed to come out of the shadows. Fiona built her business based on her own values, and wanted to show her daughters that anything is possible.

Since then Soap Folk enjoyed continued success and in early March 2018, moved to a beautiful new workshop in the Stroud Valleys. Heavy snowstorms made the actual move rather eventful but they made it to their new home at Inchbrooks Mills, part of a recently renovated Victorian factory which lay abandoned for 30 years.

A month later the company received organic certification through the Soil Association. This is not simply about the ingredients they use, it’s also about making sure that all aspects of the business is sustainable and environmentally sound. As a result, all procedures, packaging and even their premises have all been independently inspected.