Classic Collection Soap Box - 4 x 25g Soaps

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The Natural Classic Collection is inspired by nature and includes a set of four soaps suitable for both men and women. The soaps have  fragrances with woody and citrus overtones, and contain minerals which are beneficial for the skin. 

Hand made in Buxton, Derbyshire from the finest olive oil, sustainably sourced palm oil certified by RSPO, coconut oil and the best quality essential oils. Presented in a stylish brown gift box.

French Clay Soap - 25g
This soap lathers very well so is excellent for moisturising the skin.  It contains valuable minerals which can help the body's natural defences and is also great for shaving with.

Oatmeal & Vanilla Scrub - 25g
This scrub soap uses vanilla and oats and smells almost good enough to eat!  Oatmeal is a natural exfoliant which will remove dead skin cells and help make tired skin look fresh again.  Beautiful texture and fragrance.

Patchouli & Sandalwood Soap - 25g
The sandalwood sawdust in this exfoliant soap creates a stimulating and invigorating scrub.  Patchouli is known to enrich mature skin leaving it feeling toned and smooth.

Tea Tree Soap - 25g
Australian Tea Tree soap enriched with artiletz clay and sandalwood powder.  Tea Tree oil is believed to have naturally antiseptic properties and can be beneficial for problem skins.

Box measures approximately 9cm x 9cm x 2.5cm.

Not tested on animals.  Suitable for vegetarians.


All Wild Olive's soaps and bath products are made from natural ingredients without any harsh chemicals, sodium lauryl sulphate or parabens.  Essential oils are used in generous proportions to naturally fragrance the soap and introduce valuable resources for the skin and enhance general wellbeing.


All Wild Olive's soaps and bath products are hand made in their small, family run premises in Buxton, Derbyshire.


Wild Olive always use sustainable ingredients where possible and also use sustainable methods during their manufacturing processes.

Wild Olive is a small family run company dedicated to making handmade soaps and bath products in Buxton, Derbyshire. Their mission is to get more people using real soap containing high quality, natural and sustainable ingredients.  Not only do their products smell gorgeous, look stylish and are fantastic to use, they are also completely natural with no harsh chemicals, making them extremely beneficial for the skin.  Finally the range is made by hand using traditional methods, so virtually no energy is used - apart from good, old fashioned stirring!  Indulge yourself with beautiful products that enhance wellbeing and respect the environment!