Gin & Tonic Bath Salts Box

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Find out how it feels to soak in a bath full of gin & tonic with this fun box of bath salts!  Just add a spoonful to a warm bath to soften and scent the water.

Hand made in Cumbria in small batches to ensure high quality freshness, using the finest natural sea salt.  Contains a tiny amount of fragrance oil for that mouth-watering gin & tonic aroma!

97% natural ingredients.  Free from parabens, S.L.S, T.E.A and microbeads.  Not tested on animals.

Approximate dimensions: 6cm x 6cm x 6cm.  

100g - enough for 4-5 baths.


The Bath House products are made with up to 98% natural ingredients which are mild, gentle and safe and do not contain parabens, chemical surfactants (SLS) or Triethanolmine (TEA).  They have never used microbeads in their products, instead using beneficial natural alternatives such as ground Almond Husk.  Each precious drop of essential oil and natural extract used is specifically chosen for its beneficial properties. Over 80% of the product range is produced on site in their very own ‘making rooms’ and created in small, individual batches to seal in the natural goodness so each product remains as fresh as possible.

The Bath House only use sustainably sourced Palm Oil for their soaps along with pure natural vegetable extracts and plant oils to soothe and restore the skin as well as being good for the planet.


The Bath House offices, shop and ‘making rooms’ are all under one roof, in a refurbished stone grain store in Sedbergh, Cumbria with magnificent views across the wild, wind swept Howgill fells of the Yorkshire Dales National Park.


Sodium Chloride, Sodium Sesquicarbonate, Parfum (Fragrance), Linalool, Limonene.

Founded in 1997, the Bath House has gained a reputation for using only the finest quality, high grade natural ingredients with a simple aim to create the very best bathing and bodycare products that are a joy to use and are ‘naturally good’ for the skin.