DIY Wally The Watermelon Sewing Kit

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This beautifully presented sewing kit for children takes a nostalgic step back to traditional toys, to life essentials and to spending quality time doing a fun new activity whilst learning a practical skill and reducing excessive screen time. Makes a great, plastic free gift for children aged around 6-12 years who in turn, could re-gift once made. They will soon want to collect the whole fruit and veg family!

The Wally the Watermelon sewing kit consists of a darning needle, red canvas fabric embroidered with the melon shape ready to cut out, green and white canvas fabric for the rind, cotton thread and a drawstring bag of recycled fibre for the filling. Includes a step by step instruction booklet with easy to follow photos on how to stitch them all together. There is also a very helpful video which can be viewed by clicking this link. Estimated crafting time is 1 hour.

Designed in Spain and handmade, one by one, by women artisans from northern India. Comes in recyclable card box which can be customised by sewing the name of each design and reusing the box to store treasures.

Box measures approximately 12cm wide x 24cm long x 5cm high.


Made with natural cotton and presented in plastic free packaging.


Hand made by women artisans from northern India.

Oli & Carol was created by two young design and nature loving sisters, Olimpia and Carolina, who live in Barcelona. Their aim was to provide environmentally friendly baby products in a wide variety of retro designs inspired from the 1960s and 70s that are handmade, non-toxic and biodegradable.

Since the beginning of Oli & Carol, the sisters believed they had an obligation to act for the benefit of society. They wanted to help those who couldn't afford basic needs so decided to collaborate with third world countries with a mission to help provide schooling to Indian children.

With Oli & Carol's help, Kusum, Lalit, Babram, Amita and Ritu are able to attend the Baba Jodh Sachiyar School in northern India. Every morning, these three girls and two boys are picked up with the school bus and go to class from 10am to 2pm, where they find themselves in a safe and enriching learning environment. Apart from receiving the basic need of education, Oli & Carol are helping them prepare for the future. Their plan is to continue supporting the children until they finish their studies and help many others too.

The brand would like everyone who owns an Oli & Carol toy to know that with their purchase they have contributed in this social responsibility project.

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